The Story of Disneyland Auction

Today is the last day to set your eyes on one of the most amazing Disneyland memorabilia collections that is completely up for auction at Van Eaton Gallery in Sherman Oaks, Ca. If you're out of the area, they have a wonderful online catalog for your viewing pleasure.

We made the short drive over to check out the exhibit last week and it did not disappoint. Well, only in that I can't afford a thing there. Well, I could but then I wouldn't be able to pay rent or eat or anything trivial like that.

The galley is held in two room but it packed wall to wall with all sorts of artifacts. Costumes, signs, furniture,  concession containers, souvenirs, models and more! All of them amazingly displayed for my up-close and personal viewing.

I picked out a few awesome favorites to share here but there is soooo much. I know I'll be hitting up some flea markets and ebay this summer.