Guest Writer Introduction: Kelley

Greetings!  Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Kelley, and if there's one thing anyone who knows me will tell you, I am pretty much in love with anything involving The Mouse :)  Though it would be many years before I would become the full-fledged Disney nut that I am today.

Don't get me wrong.  Growing up, I loved the princess movies, Mickey Mouse Club and Dumbo's Circus (that's right, I'm taking it WAY back!) just as much as the next.  And like any born and bred SoCal kid, I grew up with Disneyland practically in my backyard, which meant annual trips to the park were a must.  But my TRUE Disney obsession didn't really begin until I was a sophomore in high school, where, equipped with a driver's license, annual pass and a LOT of forged sick notes (sorry, Mom and Dad), my fellow Disney fanatic Kristy and I would take impromptu trips to the park nearly every other week!

Fast forward to now: I sing along during Disney movies.  If I haven't had a trip to the House of Mouse within a month, it has been "WAY too long!"  I have an OBSCENELY large collection of Disney art and Vinylmations.  I Disneybound at the parks.  I have successfully brought my boyfriend Tony "over to the Dark Side" and helped him discover his inner-Disney side (let's face it, dating a Disney nut?  He had no choice!)  I am an avid long distance runner and every runDisney event are a MUST in my yearly race schedule.

Needless to say, I have become the definition of a Disney Super-Fan. And I wear that badge with pride :) Of course, with being a huge Disney buff as an adult, there has been the occasional flack or friendly jabs from friends and family who "just don't get it".  Hey, it comes with the territory, right?  All I know is that for me, I wouldn't change one bit of my little Disney life, and plan to continue to take a page out of Peter Pan's book and "never grow up"!