My Disney Obsession: Minnie Ear Collection

I'm going to put this out there... I have a larger head than normal. Its not a giant balloon on my body, but its just slightly larger than most female heads. I have A LOT of curly hair, and just a bigger head. As a result, Mickey hat ears just sit on my head. Float right above, like a little ship on the vast ocean of my cranium, unless I super pin them down and fancy fuss around with my hair.

As a result, I usually stick to Minnie Mouse headband style ears and they fit perfectly. As my luck would have it, business is booming with these little guys and I'm in heaven! I've been building my little collection over the past years, being super picky with what I pick up. Also, my super amazing Disney World based friends hook a girl up with some great little ears.

Early ear clippy sets. I mean YEARS old. I decided to jazz up my Minnie ears with rhinestones for one of my birthdays.  My favorite pair of Pooh ears, which I really rocked during my bleached hair days. LOVE!

The gold pair came out for the 50th anniversary of the parks. I wasn't a fan of the 50 emblem, so I added a little broach and these are now my NYE ears that I love so much. However, with the 60th anniversary hitting next year...
Holiday ears! I loves me the holidays and I love ears! I'm super jonesing on the purple and green ears that are released around Halloween. Making a mental note to pick them up this year if they are sold.

Super classic Minnie Ears. The bottom scraggly looking ears are my first Minnie ears ever. The bow is flimsy but they are wonderful ears. The top right are my ears from our last WDW trip. I lost my mind when I saw them. I wore them to tea the following day.

My WDW collection is short and sweet. I have to say that the Flower & Garden ears are my absolute favorite. The jungle hat in the back is a little project of mine and the chef ears are relevant to my life. <3

My latest acquisition comes from the ASOS Disney collaboration. These guys are a tad smaller than the ears found in the parks, so sadly I was a little disappointed when they arrived but am happy to have them. Looking forward to rocking these guys in the parks soon.

While I haven't given ETSY a try yet, I will be making my own ears as well as feeding into my mighty need for certain attraction inspired ears. 

There you have it. My little collection of Minnie Ears and my super wrinkled bed sheet background.

Do you collect ears? Are your stored bed sheets just as wrinkled? Tell us all about it in the comments below!