Taking A Look At The Festival of Fantasy Parade

Today we are super fortunate to have a contribution from Florida based photographer, and super awesome geeky girl, Karen Martin! She brings us a stunning look at a few sections of the very anticipated and loved Magic Kingdom parade, Festival of Fantasy.

While I haven't personally seen the show, Karen's use of saturation, contrast and rich color brings this parade to into a larger than life perspective. I'm losing my mind at the details!

Pub Thug and mime - Ulf!


Flynn and a very unhappy Maximus


Clan DunBroch sigil

I'm trip planning for next year and these photos solidified one of my must-sees at the parks. So amazing!

Expect more from Karen in the future. I hear she found a very popular dragon... and some dwarves.

Let us here what you think and can't wait to see at ANY of the Disney parks in the comments below!


P.S. Thank you Karen! <3