Dumbo and I

I love Dumbo.

It’s not my favorite movie and I actually rarely watch it, but Dumbo means the world to me and will always have a soft spot in my heart. My favorite part is the scene where Dumbo goes to visit his momma in the Mad Elephant Cage. Everyone knows that scene, the one that plays “Baby Mine” and everyone cries… That scene makes me smile and my heart swell.

That scene has so much personal meaning for me. Most people probably don’t see it the way I do. They see a baby’s momma being taken away, but to me it’s a heartwarming scene that shows that no matter what happens a mother’s love is still there. Even if its not what you expected or not what society wants it to look like and if she’s not really there to show you, her love still there.

After my mom was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis this past year, I decided to get that scene tattooed on my arm. It was something I’ve wanted to get done to represent our relationship for quite some time and after watching her health deteriorate so quickly, I felt like I needed to get it done now so I could share it with her.

Very few people know the full story of what that scene means to me. Someday I may feel comfortable enough to share it with the world and one day if you meet me, you can ask and I’ll tell you. In the meantime, we’ll leave it at this... please don’t take your relationship with your mother for granted. You never know if something will happen that will change it for you. Know she will always love you and hold you dear, even if she can’t get through the cage’s bars to really show

<3 Dez