Sunday Goodness - July 20th

ACK! I'm so sorry for the radio silence.

Let's break it with some catching up, shall we? You know the drill!

* First things first.... Club 33 received a MAJOR facelift and it's... interesting. Some good, some AMAZING and some OMG-WHAT-HAVE-YOU-DONE. While I patiently wait for my invite, Disney Food Blog has a sneak peek at their upcoming review. You decide for yourself!

* This week Disney Parks Blog announced the greatest announcement EVER... since D23 and my realizing that my Juju collection was incomplete. Adventurers Trading Post is setting up in Adventureland on August 1st! Adventurers will be able to do some adventuring in Adventureland using clues and collecting JUJUS!! I want my pineapple. I'll post a little review this week on my experience at D23.

* TsumTsums are here and they brought a little game... this game is addicting and super-duper cute! Mindy at Inspired By Dis breaks down the game and passes on her super helpful tips!

* Disneyland turned 59 this week! (Lookin good, gurl!) On her birthday, a little-big tease announcement about the diamond celebration was announced! #Disneyland60Contest wants you to share your memories from any decade, but click the link for more details and stuff.

* One of my top attractions also celebrated a birthday this week: Splash Mountain! 25 years of zipping and doodah-ing! To celebrate, a commemorative poster was given to APholders.

* Gillermo del Toro addressed some Haunted Mansion movie questions on reddit. Gives this girl some hope that HM will get the movie it deserves.

* Disney Cruises have some AMAZING Halloween decorations in store for them. You can always count on Disney to do Halloween up right!

* The Dapper Dans are always amazing. This little boy is amazing. Both of them together made me tear up a little...

* The Dole Whip stand is now serving up our favorite treat in a souvenir bowl! Heading to the parks today, so we will be getting one.

So much to cover this week! PHEW!

Did we miss anything? Comment below and let us know.