Collecting Jujus with The Adventureland Trading Company

Last week we told you about our participation in the Adventureland Trading Company interactive guest experience at D23 Expo. This past weekend, we participated in the live game in the parks. While it's not an overly involved game, it was super fun and short.

 MiceChat has a perfect break down of the game:

The game will run for a limited one-month engagement and will be based out of the Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost shop in Adventureland, next to the Bengal Barbecue.
The new game is a pay-per-play experience that sends players on one of nine “expeditions”, each one with a special “Juju” that is awarded upon completing the expedition. Jujus are “hand-carved artifacts” that represent the different traditions or qualities of Adventureland’s people. Expeditions require players to buy an item and then complete a task, such as buying Adventureland’s newspaper (“The Daily Gnus”) and tracking clues in the newspaper to earn an elephant-shaped Juju.

  • Piranhahaha (Humor)
    Tell a Jungle Cruise-style joke
  • Snake (Courage)
    Drink a “Venomade,” a new boba drink available at Bengal Barbecue
  • Treehouse (Discovery)
    Discover magic by placing the Juju in petroglyph rocks at Tarzan’s Treehouse
  • Elephant (Tracking)
    Follow clues in “The Daily Gnus” newspaper
  • Pineapple (Goodwill)
    Buy a “This Side Up” Pineapple Parfait and recognize fellow explorers for their adventurous traits
  • Tiki Bird (Observation)
    Photograph five birds.
  • Eye of Mara (Knowledge)
    Complete a special “trial of knowledge”
  • Crocodile Tooth (Storytelling)
  • Tiki Mask (Friendship)
    Buy a postcard and find the missing ingredients for Juju Juice at Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar.
Juju will also be able to be traded between Guests and Cast Members, much like Disney Trading Pins. Guests wanting to trade Juju with a Cast Member will have to go one step further and respond to a “hook” from the Cast Member, such as sharing the story of how the Guest earned the Juju they’re trading.

My mission for our visit was to collect my last two jujus to complete the set we started last year. The discovery and goodwill jujus. Both were the easiest to acquire and the least involved. So we decided to continue and try out a few of the new quests, getting some duplicates.  We also had a friend with us who was new to the experience, so seeing his reaction was great.

Between the three of us we picked the knowledge, humor, tracking, and observation tasks. We were also given the friendship tasks to complete. Most of the tasks were contained within Adventureland with two taking us to either a neighboring land or to another area of the resort. All of them came with paper materials that make for wonderful souvenirs in themselves.

The tasks are relatively simple and fun. Running between $5-$8 and in limited supply. We suggest getting a pineapple juju early in the day as they are in high demand.

Keep an eye open for ATC characters walking around. On our visit, we were acquainted with Tiki Kiki! She had me run around the land using a bird caller and story telling about my juju collecting adventures. She was wonderful and fully in the spirit of Advenrtureland. I think she would have made a wonderful member of the Adventurers Club.

ATC is in the parks for a limited time and a select number of jujus are released each day. Get there early when you pretty much have the entire land to yourself. 

Did anyone else participate this weekend? Let us know your thoughts on this new experience!