Dis-Chat: Drawings By Nicole

Nicole Sloan is a Los Angeles based artist with a love for self expression and geeky pop culture. I met Nicole in college and have been witness to her growth as an artist and all her versatility. She brings a unique and beautiful eye to the fan-art community with her interpretation of beloved characters. 

What inspires your Disney pieces? 
I grew up loving older Disney movies, like Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. Each piece I create combines the nostalgia I feel for Disney mixed with my present ideas or interests.

Do you have a favorite Disney piece you created? What was your inspiration? 
I really enjoyed making my Haunted Adventure piece, which is a mashup of The Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland and one of my favorite cartoons Adventure Time. It was fun to put my own spin on it using watercolors, and putting the characters in similar situations as the stretching paintings.

Are there any Disney artists that have inspired you or that you look up to? 
I enjoy the classic look of Disney princesses, but I also enjoy the more contemporary stylings of J. Scott Campbell. Whenever I visit Downtown Disney I try to peek into the WonderGround Gallery and see what artists they are working wit.

The Disney tribute/fan artist community is very diverse and full of wonderful and amazing artist. How do you see yourself in the community? 
I think my work is a little messy, a little gritty and kind of on the fringe of it.

Let's talk about the parks! When you visit the parks what do you have to do, a must before leaving the parks? 
Eat half a bag of caramel corn and pass out.

Name a favorite Disney character and why?
I love Snow White, even though I am not crazy about the story. There is just something very nostalgic about the movie for me, the way it is animated and the songs.

Where can we find your art? Any upcoming events or announcements we should keep a look out for?  
You can purchase my art on etsy: http://etsy.com/shop/nicolesloan
I will be at Long Beach Comic Con, September 27th and 28th selling prints, originals and jewelry. Come by and say hi if you are in Southern California!