Dinner at the Blue Bayou Lagoon

This month marks 4 years of couple-dom with R and we decided to celebrate with dinner at the Blue Bayou! Last year's anniversary dinner was at Ariel's Grotto and man-o-man was it not the best. So this year made sense to go back to a classic that we both love dearly. We also happen to have the same anniversary as Pirates of the Caribbean, so this all just makes sense. It also happens to be R's favorite attraction, so POTC's birthday is subtitled by our anniversary. True love, y'all!

We had 8pm Saturday night reservations and arrived about 15 minutes early but since it was a super busy night, we were sat around 8:20. We waited in the lobby in the meantime. I was so excited to see us sat up next to the water and next to the kitchen. Which isn't horrible at all. It was nice to see the hustle and bustle of the kitchen. I sat facing the loading area and R sat facing the old man shack with a good view of the kitchen too. He was describing what he saw at either end.

noisy picture is noisy >.<
Before I get to our amazing food, I heard about people yelling from the boats for dinner rolls and what not, but holy moley! I was not prepared to have at least 5 boats yell at us and one with multiple people in unison at full volume. It's not like we're having dinner in a beautiful establishment or anything like that. Nope. Here, let me overhand toss this delicious potato cheddar biscuit directly into your loud mouth. It's just rude. You enjoy your voyage as I enjoy my steak.

Ahem... on to the food!

THE BREAD! Which I do not have a photo of but will be trying to recreate. We had fantastic sourdough rolls and sweet potato cheddar biscuits. I pretty much demolished the biscuits. Perfect combination of cheese, rosemary and crumbly moist biscuit texture. We both had salads, mine with the lemon vinaigrette. Very tasty.

For our main courses, R had the peppercorn slow roasted beef loin and I ordered the surf 'n turf! They were both amazing and AMAZING. I rarely have lobster, but when I do I'm sitting in a Disney park enjoying beautiful scenery with the man I love, wearing Mickey ears.

After our dinner plates where cleared, our server brought over a complementary little chocolate Mickey bomb thingie to help us celebrate our Anniversary. It proved to be a little too rich for my liking but I took a few nibbled from it and waited patiently for my dessert options to be presented to me.

VANILLA CREME BRULEE!! I just yelled that in total Oprah voice, you should too.

Perfect and delicious. We shared this little piece of heaven and ended our dinner perfectly.

Maybe next year we visit the Nappa Rose?!? Who knows! Is it too early to start planning? Totally not too early to start saving.