Dis-Chat: Art by Alex Bunch

Alex Bunch has been a friend for quite a few years, and I've seen her art grow and flourish during that time. She is a creative person with a heart made of geek. She sits down with us today to talk a little about her art and Disney inspirations. 
What inspires your Disney pieces?

Everything from my favorite rides at the theme park to the films that have inspired me. 

Do you have a favorite Disney piece you created?
Yes, that would be my Madame Leota painting. I've always loved The Haunted Mansion attraction, so it made sense for me to paint that iconic scene.

 What was your inspiration?
I was inspired by the crystal ball, the colors, and the creepy crow. The special effects in that ride left a memorable and lasting impression.

Are there any Disney artists that have inspired you or that you look up to?
I really like Jasmine Beckett-Griffith's work. I recently saw some of her work at the Wonderground Gallery and I was very impressed. 

The Disney tribute/fan artist community is very diverse and full of wonderful and amazing artist. How do you see yourself in the community?
I feel like my artwork is very unconventional so I'm still trying to find my place within the Disney community. 

Let's talk about the parks! When you visit the parks what do you have to do, a must before leaving the parks? 
I don't have an annual pass, so I like to stay there all day and get on all my favorite rides like Pirates of the Caribbean and Indiana Jones. I also love to shop around, especially during Halloween time. 

Name a favorite Disney character and why? 
I've really fallen in love with Merida from Brave. She is far from the traditional and perfect Disney princess roles.
 Do you have a favorite piece of Disney art or memorabilia? 
I love the Wonderground gallery if that qualifies. I love seeing all the different styles from small time artists to major figures. 

Why is it so special? 
I think it allows for more freedom, meaning that an artist can interpret characters or scenes in their own visual and stimulating way. 

Where can we find your art? 

You can find my art on my website www.artbyalexbunch.com and on my Etsy shop CreatedbyAlex

Any upcoming events or announcements we should keep a look out for? 
I will be doing a few shows. Including Big Wow Comicfest in San Jose on April 18-19 as well as Scare LA in the Pasadena Convention center on August 8-9. My show schedule is up on my website. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us!

It was my pleasure.