Dis-Chat: Pieced Together Cosplay

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I've known Ian for many many years and we instantly bonded over our love for Disney things! It's pretty great seeing his love for all things geeky and Disney pop up in my feed and to hear all about it whenever we have a moment to catch up. He shows great enthusiasim for everything he does and it shows. He's a pretty great Disney geek. 

Who have you Disneybound/Disney Cosplayed? 

Disneybound as Peter Pan, dapper Christopher Robin, but typically I Disneybound & cosplay as Tadashi from BH6. Recently I cosplayed Walt with Oswald at LBCE. Walt got a LOT of attention that I was not at all expecting. Many people had a huge, positive response to that. It was a little overwhelming.

How did you hear of Disneybounding

I would see Disney guests in fun outfits & would see other cosplay friends involved with it & it just seemed like another great way to share a fandom & have fun.

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What inspires your Disney Costumes? 

Anything I cosplay or Disneybound must come from great passion. In my opinion you have to really care about something to do it any justice. So any character or concept I have an affinity for and feel I could do justice to goes on the list... but above that, it has to be fun. If it ain't fun, it ain't worth it.

Is there anything in the works?

There is one idea I have had for a while and am currently working on it as a cosplay for Wondercon. Others have come from the Disneybound phenomenon and realizing I could enhance the Disney experience while sharing the love of the characters and creations.

What do you look for in a Disneybound outfit? 

Something I am passionate about, can have fun with and can wear for a day without too much discomfort.

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What do you think are the key differences between cosplay, costumes and bounding? 

Everyone has different ideas about that so I hope to not offend anyone, but in my opinion, Cosplay is presenting a character or concept in all aspects at the appropriate venue. Costumes are what we wear to cosplay in, or wear to Halloween, or fancy dress parties. Disneybounding is regular clothing put together to enjoy sharing your Disney side or character love in or outside the Disney parks without wearing a full on costume.

Do you add Disney flair to your everyday life? 

I greatly enjoy many Disney esthetics, but if I were to collect all the stuff I love I would need a much larger house and car. I have a few home d├ęcor pieces. But a major part of my life (sorry to share this) is having allergies, so I always have fresh handkerchiefs with me. Generally they are made from character fabrics. It's not meant to be disrespectful but to have something I really enjoy being close and helpful.

What advice would you give people considering Disneybounding or Cosplay/Costuming? 

HAVE FUN! Choose something you feel passionately about. Be creative and RESPECTFUL! I can't stress the respect issue enough. And definitely do it for you, if you have an ulterior motive or fame desire etc, you will likely be let down or dissatisfied. Do it because you need to and just have fun.

Thank you, Ian for chatting with us!

You can find more of Ian at his FB page Pieced Together Cosplay !
As well as more AMAZING photography by York In A Box and Trinity All-Stars.