Easter/Spring Cupcakes with Disney Flair!

Super easy and yummy cupcakes with a little bit of Disney Spring!

I wanted to make something delicious and in the season. I'm a baker and cupcakes are my favorite to make. They are convenient, small and super fun. I also really wanted to use my grass piping tip, but that little guy has vanished and my baker heart got frustrated. So instead I used a leaf tip and it worked out wonderfully.

I also had this idea for a beautiful backdrop with an Easter basket and Tsum Tsums. When I got it all set up the natural lighting I was counting on had left, the set up looked crowded and it was a hot mess. So I decided that it's time to look a bit more professional and get some backdrops next week. I'm slightly embarrassed by these photos, but the cupcakes are too cute to not share.

I decided to go with a box mix (which is extremely out of character for me) but with homemade frosting. Cupcake decorations were found at the grocery store and craft store with the sprinkles from Etsy.com! You don't need the fancy piping tips I mentioned, just check youtube for tips on how to create your own tips. I also used dyed coconut to make grassy bits if it's too much frosting.

These little guys are Strawberry lemonade flavored! Strawberry cupcakes, filled with lemon curd and topped with homemade citrus buttercream.

I made a few variations, so working with one theme would be WAY easier to stick to one theme. But I'm not the boss of you.


* 12 of your favorite cupcakes - I used strawberry boxed cake mix
* Optional filling - I used lemon curd
* Buttercream - I made a basic butter only buttercream and flavored it with lemon zest, a bit of lemon juice and vanilla with a touch of salt
* Robins Eggs candies
* Wilton Pre-made Daisy decorations - Which seem to be discontinued online but totally available at my local craft store
* Cupcake liners of your choosing - I used gingam print and Wilton petal cups
* Mickey sprinkles
* Wilton marshmallow flavored candy melts
* Gel food dye - green
* Shredded coconut
* Small Mickey shaped cookie cutter - used this set that I got from the parks

To start off, fill and apply a thin layer of green frosting to all your cupcakes. Set them aside for decorating. Unless you are making the candy melt Mickey heads. Make them ahead of time. 

Candy Melt Mickey

All you need is sprinkles, candy melts, a spatula or knife and a portable non-stick surface (wax paper, parchment paper, or silpat on a heatproof tray)

Melt the whole bag of candy melts, spread them onto the non-stick surface at a good 1/8" -1/4" thickness and sprinkle with sprinkles. Pop it in the fridge for a few minutes. Check after 10 min and keep check until the candy is firmer but not set. Remove from fridge and punch out mickey heads with the cutter. They might stick to the cutter, just be gentile when removing.

I also tried a tie-dye effect with these guys and was not too successful at it, but the one I did get was really pretty.

I popped these on with robin's eggs and daisies.

Grassy Eggs

Dye shredded coconut using green food dye. I popped it into a sandwich bag and mixed it in there then poured it into a bowl to roll the cupcakes around. Add a little extra frosting and onto the cupcakes to the desired thickness and roll them in the coconut to desired coverage. Decorate!

Piped Grass 

Using a piping bag with no tip, I piped a small bit of frosting on top for either support for the Mickey heads or for a little hill for the eggs. I then piped up with the leaf tip using short messy bursts to cover the smooth frosting bits. Then topped with desired decorations!

I think they are pretty perfect for this upcoming weekend and super easy and fun to make!