D23 Expo 2015 - Shanghai Disneyland Pavilion (Part 1)

This past weekend, the fourth D23 Expo was held and it was pretty great. So much happened so I'm positive that by now I know you all know the super awesome stuff regarding park expansions, replacements, events, and all things movie or video games! So I'm here with a few of my own posts regarding my own experiences and will of course include all of the already known stuff in various posts. So much content! So much excitement!

I also figured I'd talk about my legit con grumps but we'll save that for another time.

Today we're looking at the Parks & Resort Pavilion! This Expo's consisted of Shanghai Disneyland and Avatar. There is so much to look at with Shanghai Disneyland that we'll start there first. I warn that it's WAY photo heavy and will be broken up into a few parts.

The entrance was warm and inviting, decorated with lanterns and blossom trees. The first thing we encountered was the park map and tiny Steamboat Mickey maquette.

Next was the main avenue of the park, "Mickey Avenue." This Main Street is more cartoon feeling with an almost Toontown quality. Lots of color and character here as well super awesome details that kept my brain busy.

 I love the eatery costume details, especially the Remy bakery cafe.

We ended up following the map and our own natural progression through Disneyland, heading left inside the pavilion! Shanghai Disneyland is laid out almost opposite to Disneyland, "land" wise. You'll see.

Following Mickey Avenue is the central plaza named "Gardens of Imagination." Here "the hub" and Fantasyland made a tiny baby for the front of the castle. Lots of Fantasia themed imagery going on with the carousel as well as a Dumbo Flying Elephant attraction.

The first land to the left is Tomorrowland! The main attraction is the Tron Lightcycle Power Run. It looks immense and insane. I watched the attraction video a few times and immediately was concerned about how comfortable its going to be. My tip is to not eat and ride.

Tomorrowland will also include a Buzz Lightyear Planet Rescue attraction. Still keeping with the Astro Blaster theme, with targets and zappers. This one looks a little moodier to me than the FL and CA attractions.

Fantasyland!  Peter Pan's Flight, a beautiful Voyage to the Crystal Grotto and an Alice in Wonderland themed hedge maze! I want to go to there. The Grotto alone looks beautiful with it's fountains along with the details of the Tim Burton film hedge maze in the same land. SOLD! Almost everyone is losing their minds with Tomorrowland and my heart was instantly swept up here and Adventure Isle.

That's all for now! I hope you are falling in love with this park as much as I have. Next up: pirates, booty, monsters, and adventure!


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