D23 Expo 2015 - Shanghai Disneyland Pavilion (Part 3)

Shanghai Disneyland will have, of course, a hotel resort, and Downtown Disney!

First is the Hotel and Resort section. The Shanghai Disneyland Hotel will be Art Nouveau-inspired and pretty fancy looking. Eateries (such as Lumiere's Kitchen), character meet and greets, live entertainment and more will emerse guests in the Disney experience. It's looking pretty rad, guys!

The Downtown Disney area will provide loads of live entertainment, shopping, and dining experiences as well.

The preview pavilion also treated us to some of the AMAZING and adorable merchandise that will be available at the park as well. I'm already working on how to get my hands on some of these guys.

Shanghai Disneyland is looking AMAZING and I hope to visit one day. It's an exciting and new park to continue the Disney legacy.


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