D23 Expo 2015 - Favorites! and Final Thoughts

D23 Expo 2015 had SO MUCH to see and so much to do over three days. Unfortunately we didn't get to experience the entire thing but we still had a good time. However, what we did was pretty great and left me feeling overall that while this was a good Expo it wasn't the best experience we had but we are looking forward to the next one in two years. There were issues with lines getting in (2 hours on Friday to GET IN to the building) and once we decided that one 3 hour line wait for Mickey's of Glendale was enough line waiting for us, we concentrated on  experiences and not buying loads of stuff. We really took in what we could take in, met up with friends, and enjoyed the offerings of the convention. Here is a-not-so-short break down of my favorites!

 In no particular order:


We made it to the Jungle Cruise panel and Silly Symphonies presentation. I loved the Jungle Cruise panel but my heart was stolen by SS. It was AMAZING! Do yourself a favor and watch it on YouTube. I'll add that the JC panel announced a new themed eatery at WDW, which I'm hoping is open by the time we are there in Nov.

Eric Goldberg had a wonderful display for his new collection and book. So MANY illustrations and each one was AMAZING.  I kept coming back to the booth and seeing things I missed the time before.  He also had a little presentation on the show floor where he talked about Character Appeal. It was fascinating watching him draw in real time and talk about how to get a characters first impression.

Tsum Tsum gown! I pretty much fell over myself getting to her. I believe this was from Disney Style.

The only time I saw this hat being worn. We rocked them pretty well, I think. ;)

THIS!!! How we didn't end up buying the bronze one is BEYOND me. I must have had a moment of clarity.

Van Eaton Gallery had these guys up close and personal. It was nice to fully take in their details.

Speaking of which, there was this time that I pushed myself in the middle of a Alex and Annie sales pitch, climbed through a ficus and took this picture. The next day he had been moved to a more accessible location. *grumble grumble*

The entire Shanghai display. I really couldn't get enough of it.

Tower of the Four Winds inspired Inside Out piece. HOW AMAZING IS THIS?!?!

Crappy picture, but singing Oogie Boogie ornament!

Staring at John Lasseter's Ratatoullie shirt. It was favorite out of them all, and there were A LOT.

Enesco Booth! So many awesome collections on display as well as great stationary sets, which are available online. We picked up the Pinocchio and Fantasia books, which are filled with beautiful note cards.

 THIS Fantasia poster, which I did not buy. Just ogled for a bit.

Can't wait to get my hands on these guys!

Matterhorn lady! The only costume I took photos of and she was perfect! Very nice and kind to let us take a photo of her AMAZING costume.

The COCO poster. It just made me happy. I love Dia De Los Muertos, so hopefully they do it justice.

The entire Archives exhibit was amazing and worth any time we had. It was great seeing "old friends" like Harold and Cheshire.

Cutie bee! Cute to look at for that price. BYE BEE!

I loved and hated this at the same time. Yay book art! OMG WHY DID YOU DO THAT TO THE BOOK, SOMEONE WANTED TO READ IT.

Golden Book art! Prints were for sale and instantly brought back memories.

Instant eye catcher! Obsessed with this wall.

Our haul! Or rather, a tiny part of it. 

This concludes our D23 Expo 2015 wrap up! WOO! Looking forward to the next.