Disneyland 10k 2015 Recap

This past weekend, Disneyland held it's tenth Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend. It was also my third 10k in one year and R's FIRST ever! The weather was WAY nicer than it was a year ago, my pace was pretty much the same. Confession time: Neither of us took any time to actually train for the run, for various personal and overall lazy reasons. So no surprise we were passed by the pacing ladies, who are awesome, right before mile 5. We got behind by about 1 min but finished none the less.


I really love the Disneyland 10k course, compared to Tinkerbell 10k so much. We don't have a bunch of overpasses to conquer and the boring stuff is out of the way by mile 2! Even though I did feel like I was on top of the world by the first mile of the Tink 10k.

Every RunDisney event starts before the sun stretches it's legs. Being in the back corrals, we started about 30min after race start. Luckily it's still the last little bits of dark.

As always, there were loads of amazing costumes and I can't speak highly enough of people that take the time to cheer everyone on. As a person that is ALWAYS behind the pack, it's nice to see those faces and hear the words of encouragement. I give it my all every time. I feel that Baymax really summed it up for me on this.

Courtesy of Kalien in Motion

The 10k is my favorite and I plan to participate with hopefully actually running the next one. I have a year to train and my butt to get into gear. I decided to skip the next Tinkerbell, but I'll see her again in 2017.

Run Disney events are pretty great and are geared towards everyone. My main goal is to have fun and give it my all. When I finish, I'm really happy with myself. I also try to congratulate as many fellow participants I see as well. Can't wait for 2016!