Spooky People Love Disney, too!

Another year of wonderful amazing Horror Conventions has come through and all of them had some amazing and wonderful Disney goodies to see. Scare LA had a Hatbox Ghost Panel, as well as multiple vendors with their wonderful Disney creations! Monsterpalooza and Son of Monsterpalooza also had some wonderful tributes and vendors there as well. With Hollow Market this month and tons of Halloween Haunted Houses and attractions, there is still so much more to come. It's really no surprise that spooky-stuff loving people, love Disney and it really shows!

From awesome outfits, to prints, trinkets, statues and baked goods. We found Disney lurking every where at horror conventions. I also tried to link where I could, if you have info on the ones I missed please let me know.

Spotted at Son of Monsterpalooza: A hatbox ghost bust for sale & Nightmare Before Christmas set piece up for auction

At Monsterpalooza: Amazing HM Groundskeeper statue (I believe this is now for sale at Disneyland)

Scare LA was jammed packed! Pins, statues, clothing, accessories, prints, drinking games, food, and so much more!

Bat sconce for sale, I believe.

HM cookies!

Abbybelle had wonderful HM tribute pieces up for sale.

Disney character portraits.

Ghoulish Minnie, Mickey, and Goofy as well as a HM Holiday skull.

Nay's Creeptorium had a huge selection of wonderfully themed HM clothing and accessories.

Pocket Full of Posiez had amazing purses, prints, and more.

HM paintings and a stretching portrait drinking game.

We also attended a wonderful Hatbox Ghost panel.

So much to see and so much amazing stuff. What can I say? Spooky people love Disney.