That's From Disneyland! - Disneyland Memorabilia Auction Pop-Up

Hello! I'm back! I'm back with a fresh outlook on blogging and being part of the Disney Parks community. While my "mission statement" is still in the works, I'm excited to share my Disney Park experiences and views. Hopefully something new and fresh to you or at the very least unique and interesting.

To welcome myself back to this little blog, I recently visited the That's From Disneyland Pop-Up exhibit and auction in Sherman Oaks, Ca. A FREE exhibit that is a "family-friendly, interactive museum that celebrates the unique history and artistry of Disney theme parks" hosted by Van Eaton Galleies with the entire collection belonging to Richard Kraft.

Here you're able to take an up-close look at tons of Disney Park artifacts and remnants of the past with impressive displays of attractions from a bygone era. Concept art for attractions that never came to fruition, past window displays, attraction posters, ride vehicles, a giant sea serpent, photo ops, and so much more are housed in this giant former Sports Authority.

Along side this exhibit, various events are being held almost daily with all proceeds going to charity. During our visit, we were able to see the awesome dudes from Podcast: The Ride interview everyone's Imagineering hero, Tony Baxter, in the upstairs stage space.

Some of my stand out favorites were service car concept art, some AMAZING brochures, and the entire Adventureland section.

I enjoyed so much about this exhibit. Being able to look so closely at items that are usually just out of reach and mostly in the past. It was like stepping in a time machine, to be a bit cliched about it. I'll be checking it out again before the auction and spending my imaginary monies.

Bring lots of patience, as much time as possible, a camera, and your bifocals. There is a lot to read, see, and learn from this exhibit. Oh and some of the animatronic displays are functioning, most notably Jose from the Tiki Room!

This exhibit runs until August 25th, Wednesday - Sunday, with FREE parking. Well worth the trip to Sherman Oaks.